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Music review from Demerara Records, Trust The Doc Edition 54

Edition 54 -

Neil March at Demerara Records & Trust The Doc.

"Club Culture

"Yeah Yeah I know. Another month, another track review for DMP Tunes. Well look, he keeps on dropping great tracks so what is a blogger to do?!

This is the night is another from his Xanadu album and it has all the elements I love about DMP Tunes.

High tempo beat, big reverberant Trance-oriented synths, a cheerful avalanche of sound that comes in waves, long drum fills occasional sirens and vocals that come in midway into the track to add some extra meat to the bone.

It bristles with energy and conjures up images of packed dancefloors in gigantic Mediterranean superclubs.

A summer floor filla just waiting for the green light."

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