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The music producer DMP Tunes from England delivers with Xanadu his fourth album to the electroheads & trance fans!

After he has decoupled all the singles from Xanadu and released them for presentation on streaming services, he is now releasing the entire collection.

As a result of the first lockdown, DMP Tunes began working on this opus in April 2020, which is made for the club scene and brings the feeling of such a club into the living room directly into your home.

What the artist achieved on his first single, which couldn't be more aptly named, under the name Lockdown, is trance-heavy and danceable electro that lives through an appealing and appropriate sound design and also comes out of the speakers with a purposeful composition.

This also applies to the mighty dance floor flowing Rise Again, which can come up with trance-heavy lead synthesizers and rhythmic basses, as well as some effective ones.

So it is not surprising that DMP Tunes has already concluded partnership deals with 5 out of 9 titles with different labels around the world.

The danceable soundtracks work both for pure enjoyment and for partying, so that one can certainly hope for the end of the lockdowns!

Because DMP Tunes brings the nightclub straight to your home! At the age of 15 DMP began to learn the piano and thus also the keyboard on a professional level. In a fusion of big room, trance, and electronic dance music, he unleashes a cross between old-school euro trance sounds and futuristic synthesizer sounds on the dance-mad electro heads.

Whenever vocals play a role for him, they are underlaid with powerful FX. DMP Tunes' new album Xanadu is full of club hymns that are just waiting to fill the dance floors with sound when they open again.

The purchase of the Yamaha HX-1 synthesizer sparked the willingness to experiment in DMP Tunes, which has since created real universes of sound. And you can also hear this willingness to experiment on the album.

Reality is a strong track that is briefly underlaid with a slightly psychedelic vocals sample and also lives through its sound design, which shoots powerfully. That DMP Tunes is a true artist who never tires of taking his audience into new worlds.

He is currently on the verge of completing his fifth album Searching For Serenity, which will contain 9 additional tracks. - Therefore! Turn it up and go!

Here you have a fantastic composer and sound tinkerer!

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